Herring Project Coordination


Herring Project Coordination


The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council (EVOSTC) has supported over two hundred projects that identify herring as an injured resource that would be served. In 2008, the EVOSTC began to develop an integrated herring restoration plan and in that process decided to shift from funding individual projects to funding integrated programs. The first program began in 2009 and was designed to identify core variables that needed to be measured. That program was followed by the Herring Research and Monitoring (HRM) program that has a goal of improving predictions of herring stocks through research and monitoring.


The coordination starts with developing an integrated proposal that examines issues related to the lack of recovery of herring. It continues through regular meetings of the team of investigators and by coordination of research cruise activities. The HRM efforts are also coordinated with those of Gulf Watch Alaska, which provides information about the Prince William Sound ecosystem. This component is responsible for tracking reports from individual projects and developing synthesized program reports.

What we will learn

By taking an integrated and coordinated approach we can take the lessons learned by individual projects and meld them together to gain an understanding of factors affecting the life history of herring. It also provides a means to ensure coordination with resource management agencies to keep the research relevant to their needs.