Lower Copper River Sonar Station results

Salmon passage summaries:
Daily Counts of Salmon Passage
Hourly Counts of Salmon Passage

Sonar videos:
The filename of each sonar video indicates the date and time it was taken. The sonar is run for the top ten minutes of every hour.
*Note: If you are having trouble viewing the videos your computer may be lacking the required encoder.  Please try installing the VLC player (free and open source), if you install the web browser plugin, you should be able to view videos directly from your browser.

Questions or comments?  Please contact Rob Campbell at: coppersonar@pwssc.org


2 June 2016: The sonars were turned off and the camp removed on June 1.  The last few counts will be posted later today.

12 May 2016:  There has been an uptick in fish passing the sonar since 2300 yesterday,  several hundred fish per hour.

8 May 2016:  The battery pack powering the sonars failed during the night, and the sonars were offline until ~11AM.  They are back online and on schedule now.

7 May 2016:  We have added a low frequency run done 15 minutes after each hour, also for 10 minutes (low frequency = lower resolution but higher range).  The high and low frequency runs have “HF” and “LF” in their file names respectively.

6 May 2016: We are seeing a lot of Eulachon passing, and have counted one salmon as of the 1100 run on May 6.

5 May 2016:  Sonar is still operating, we are working with the videos and will post them and initial counts ASAP.

4 May 2016:  Sonars were on and collecting data as of noon.  No fish passage to report.

3 May 2016:  Sonar camp has been set up, and the sonars are being assembled and deployed.

2 May 2016:  The technicians and gear were dropped off at the Clear Martin site.  Many thanks to Jack Stevenson for making that happen in less than optimal weather.