Our Exalted Financial Goddess

As our twenty-ninth anniversary approaches on April 22, we would like to pay tribute to our Finance Director of 29 years, Penelope Oswalt (aka The Exalted Financial Goddess). Penny will be moving on from the Science Center this spring to pursue other interests, have more adventures, and spend more time with her grandchildren.

Penny was one of the first employees of the Science Center when it was incorporated, just weeks after the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill. Motivated by her desire to be proactive during a tumultuous time in the community, she left her job at the post office to work for the Science Center. This was a risky move, as there was no money to pay any employees yet. But from the very start, Penny was committed to the vision and mission of the Science Center and has remained dedicated to its long-term success ever since.

For 29 years, Penny has been responsible for all financial activities at the Science Center. Among her many tasks, she has helped coordinate grants, administer contracts, prepare budgets and financial reports for the president and board of directors, and prepare for annual audits of the Center’s finances.

More than that, Penny has been an incredible source of historical knowledge about the Science Center over the years. She has volunteered countless hours for our long-standing fundraiser, Copper River Nouveau. She is an integral part of the Science Center family and we wish her the best of luck in her next chapter. We know we haven’t seen the last of her around here, but we will miss her daily presence.

Thank you, Penny, from all of us at the Science Center!