Our New Home

Good facilities are important to good work. After nearly 30 years, we’ve outgrown our current facility.

We are now seeking support to help us realize our vision of a dynamic new science and community center, one that advances the welfare of this region – and others like it around the world.

In a new center we'll apply our findings to ecosystem-based management goals and environmental issues affecting the long-term health of the fish, birds and mammals that support the economy of the region. This work will happen through carefully planned collaborations with stakeholders and the managers of these precious renewable resources. Then, we'll share our hard-earned knowledge with many people, including scientists, managers, and local and regional community leaders.

The new center will enable us to expand our scientific expertise and will feature an expanded physical plant. The new building will allow today's scientists to further pursue their careers both individually, and in an atmosphere of partnership with statewide, national, and international programs. At the same time, the research staff will remain sufficiently nimble to respond effectively to local environmental issues and unanticipated research opportunities.

Our vision is built on a record of past accomplishment and bolstered by accumulated traditional and local knowledge. It is steered by the crucial need to more fully understand ecosystem change in the face of a shifting global climate and increasing human threats. Achieving these goals will position the center among the elite in the field of modern marine research, and assure that decisions about mitigating future ecological change will be made within a framework of the best information possible.

To help us realize our vision, please contact President and CEO Katrina Hoffman at 907-424-5800 x225 or