Delta Sound Connections

Delta Sound Connections

Lastest Edition! 2024-2025 Connections

Our annual natural history and science news publication is dedicated to the ecosystems of Prince William Sound, the Copper River watershed, and northern Gulf of Alaska. Delta Sound Connections highlights various research and education programs taking place in our region, right now.

Thousands of copies are distributed to visitors and residents of southcentral Alaska at dozens of various hotspots of visitor activities including: Ted Stevens International Airport; the USFS Begich, Boggs Visitor Center at Portage Glacier; and the Alaska Marine Highway System throughout Prince William Sound.

All donors and supporters of PWSSC receive a copy in the mail, as do the 1000 readers of The Cordova Times newspaper. Of course, you can read it online anytime by clicking the link above.

Past Editions

2023-2024 Innovation
2022-2023 The Future is Water
Addendum: Using Otolith Geochemistry to Understand the Watershed Origins of Arctic Salmon
Kids' Corner: Sea Otter Template
2021-2022 Adaptation (Kids' Corner: Move Through Paper template)
2020-2021 Our Home
2019-2020 The Long View
2018-2019 World's Richest Waters
2017-2018 Resilience:
Our Path to the Future

2016-2017 Biodiversity
2015-2016 Our Dynamic Bioregion
2014-2015 Tools of Technology