Little Dippers

Little Dippers is a small outdoor nature group for pre-school age kids (4-5yrs old). The group’s name comes from a local bird, the American Dipper. Dippers are the only aquatic songbird in North America, and they can be found singing in the rain in most creeks and rivers around Cordova, Alaska. Just like the bird, these kids can be found outside exploring (and singing) for three hours a day, three times a week, rain or shine from September-June.

Little Dippers emphasizes nature, exploration, outdoor skills, teamwork, and art through a number of principles identified below.

Key Principles:
• Total commitment to nature immersion
• Children-flow learning
• Place-based education
• Inquiry-based teaching style
• Positive reinforcement approach
• Emphasis on individual empowerment and group bonding
• Respect Others, Self, and the Earth
• Authentic play
• Exposure to moderate risk

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Little Dippers in Action