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National Ocean Sciences Bowl

The National Ocean Sciences Bowl (NOSB) is a nationwide high school academic competition to test student knowledge in fields related to ocean science. Participants learn about the interdisciplinary nature of ocean studies, broaden their awareness of the critical value of ocean research, and are exposed to potential job and education opportunities. Prince William Sound Science Center Education Staff have coached Cordova’s NOSB teams since 2002 in preparation for the annual Alaska Tsunami Bowl, the regional NOSB competition.

The NOSB mission is to enrich science teaching and learning across the United States through a high-profile national competition that increases high school students’ knowledge of the oceans and enhances public understanding and stewardship of the oceans.  Participating students develop important teamwork skills like leadership, communication, and problem solving; these skills are essential for success in the 21st Century. To learn more visit: NOSB.

Through the years, Cordova teams have represented our community with pride and intelligence. Teams have medaled six times over the years, including a trip to the national competition. Though the NOSB is a national competition, not all regional competitions are equal. The Alaska competition, the Tsunami Bowl, has the added challenge of a research paper and presentation. The skills learned by collaborating with teammates to develop and present a research paper give these students the advantage to succeed as they enter college. Some of the papers and associated videos have won awards: one of the 2010 teams made a video about their topic, the risk of oil spills due to offshore drilling and increased marine traffic in the Arctic. The video was recognized as a finalist in the 2010 EPA Environmental Justice Video Contest.

NOSB in Action