No more fuming in the lab

By Caitlin McKinstry, Research Assistant
This past June, a brand new Labconco Protector Premier fume hood was installed by Paul Jensen and crew to replace its aged predecessor. Laboratory fume hoods provide a clean-air environment for those who routinely use toxic chemicals. These hoods effectively carry away toxic fumes in the same way kitchen range hoods draw up steam from a stove top. In the lab, when such equipment does not work properly, it’s not just steam that’s a concern for technicians. Before installation of our updated hood, our lab was limited in its capacity to safely perform basic techniques involving toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde. Our new hood provides a safe and controlled environment that protects the health and well-being of our technicians while working with such chemicals. As laboratory technician Megan Hess put it: “It not only looks great, but it provides a safe working environment for us lab rats.” Funding for our new hood was generously provided by the Rasmuson Foundation.