Herring Education and Outreach


Education and Outreach


The Education and Outreach element of this program is designed to enhance the PWS Herring Program research by showcasing it's relevancy, broadening it's applicability and extending it's impact to community members and beyond.  Involvement in outreach activities can extend the reach of this research and inform the public of the program's findings.


In order to share this research PWSSC's education staff have a variety of outreach outlets.   PWSSC's education and outreach programs include supplemental science lessons at Cordova's local elementary school known as Discovery Room, research based interview radio show titled Field Notes, Lecture Series hosted by USFS, and research project summary handouts.

What we will learn

Outreach will provide readily accessible materials to the public. Through outreach a wide audience will be in informed about the research being conducted and provide education about herring in the local school system.