Remotely Operated Surface Vessel for Oil Spill Response


Remotely Operated Surface Vessel for Oil Spill Response


This project aims to develop a new technology to rapidly deploy to spills in remote locations and provide remote sensing and in-situ burn response capabilities. This project is a Joint Industry Program that includes governmental, non-governmental, and industry partners. It was conceived based on a previously identified need to deploy chemical herders and a source of ignition from a single platform to conduct in-situ burns in remote locations.


Tactical Electronics was selected to build a remotely operated surface vessel for oil spill response. The vehicle is a heavily modified jet ski with two variants (remote sensing and in-situ burn) being built.

What We Are Learning

The prototype vehicles provide a tool that can be shipped to remote locations and deployed with little need for infrastructure. It can travel at speeds up to 50 knots and remain on station for days while deploying remote sensing platforms.

Learn More

Video: A full walk around of the vehicle and demonstration of a burn

Video: A shorter promotional video