Summer Education Wrap-up

By Lindsay Phillips

Lauren Bien, education coordinator for the Science Center is wrapping up another eventful summer full of programs for children of all ages, including: the Copper River Stewardship Program—geared toward high school students, Discover Cordova, day camps for 3-5 grade students, an overnight camp for 6-8 grade students, and the Salmon Jam “Small Fry” event.

Lauren said one of her favorite programs this summer was the Copper River Stewardship Program. Run in partnership with the Copper River Watershed Project, Wrangell Institute for Science and Environment, U.S. Forest Service, and the Bureau of Land Management this camp is only open only to students living in the Copper River Basin. Every year there is a different theme guiding the program and this year’s was “movement.” They discussed the movement of many things including people, water, and sediment, which students learned about during a trip to the historic Kennecott mines and a raft trip on the Copper River. Students also got to stay at the U.S. Forest Service “Dusky Camp” on the Copper River Delta. They learned about the migration and nesting behaviors of the Dusky Canada Goose and how to build and maintain artificial Dusky nests, giving the kids a glimpse at what U.S. Forest Service workers do every day.

Discover Cordova, one of our most successful programs, had three events this summer: A Walk in the Woods, Frolic through the Flowers, and Tide Pooling Adventures. This program is for all ages but has been particularly successful with young children. Discover Cordova gives parents an opportunity to interact with and teach their children and gives them inspiration to do it on their own.

The Science Center’s environmental science programs are an opportunity for kids—from tots to teens—to experience the amazing landscape that surrounds us in an educational and exciting way. No matter the weather, they are getting first-hand experience with the ecology of wetlands, temperate rainforests, oceans, and glaciers. We are dedicated to helping students develop their understanding of the world around them through scientific inquiry, positive outdoor experiences, leadership skills, and ecosystem stewardship.