5th Grade Discovery Room Update (October)

Cara goodwin oversees the students jotting down notes about the salmon life cycle

Mrs. Carpenter’s fifth grade class went out into the field this month! The students rotated between a field trip to the Science Center and a lesson about ecosystems in their classroom. At the Science Center, they conducted ocean monitoring tests and recorded water temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, salinity, nitrate, phosphate, iron and ammonia levels, as well as the daily weather conditions. Luckily, the weather was nice for the students, with only a few sprinkles! Back in the classroom, students learned an ecosystem recipe. They played an ecosystem vocabulary matching game to learn about marine food webs and the relationships between different organisms in an ecosystem, and they used a ball of yarn to simulate a food web as they took on the role of different marine organisms!

5th Oct

Using a test kit to look for nutrients.