Animal Love Quiz Crawl

The Bloodhound Gang said it best, “ You and me, baby, ain’t nothin’ but mammals!”. But have you ever wondered how, say, invertebrates court each other? Where are the “naughty bits” on jellyfish? Do male orcas stick around after the deed long enough to share in the parenting? 

The Prince William Sound Science Center is celebrating Valentine’s Day with an  Animal Love Quiz Crawl! If you are looking for romance inspiration bring your date to one of three local restaurants this week to pick up tips from throughout the animal kingdom. 


Want to woo your date with an upscale dinner? Put on your best duds and bring your sweetie to the Reluctant Fisherman for fine dining and a little lesson on animal Courtship.

Feeling wild? Want to get into the birds, the bees, and the beers? End your night at Copper River Brewing where it’s all about copulation. While you wait for your beer you can gaze lovingly into the eyes of your main squeeze, or you can wow your sweetie with dirty details about how animals in the Prince William Sound go about knocking boots. 

Are you celebrating this day with all your loved ones, including the little ones? Take the family to the Powder House for a tamer lesson on kin and parenting. You might even pick up an idea or two….though we don’t recommend taking a lesson from birds and regurgitating food for your offspring (at least not in public).


At each of these locations you will find fun fact cards on the tables. Diners can learn a little bit about animal love and then use the included QR code for a fun quiz.

At the end of the week the couple* who correctly answers the most questions at the most locations will receive two sweatshirts from the Science Center! 

*Couples do not need to be romantic! Treat your bestie, or yourself, with an evening out! 

Animal Love runs from February 9-16th. 

If you have any questions please call the Science Center.