Sound Connections

While most schools choose a school bus for their field trips, the Chugach School District opted for the ferry! In May, The Prince William Sound Science Center hosted students from across Prince William Sound for a four-day field trip. Students from Whittier crossed the sound to explore Cordova, gaining a deeper understanding of the connections between shared resources, ecosystem services, and our two communities. 

While in town, students visited the Orca Beach tide pool, hiked the Heney Ridge trail while looking for shorebirds, stood in awe of Sheridan Glacier, played on the Delta’s sand dunes, and toured the harbor to learn more about the interactions of the ecosystem and the commercial fishing economy.

On their last day, they met fourth-grade students from Cordova for a joint field trip to Alaganik. Students practiced nature journaling, were introduced to the Dusky Geese that nest in the area, learned more about bird banding, and looked for macroinvertebrates. After lunch, the students had time to explore and play together. Local fourth graders shared memories of the Alaganik River and showed Whittier students some of their favorite spots. 

It was the first time these students from Whittier had visited Cordova. Chances are, they will be back! One student said, “I wish I had wings so I could fly to Cordova to play on the weekend.”

This opportunity was generously funded by the National Park Trust’s Every Kid Outdoors Small Grants Program. We would also like to thank our partners, the USDA Forest Service and the Chugach School District.